Game Summary

Perrigo's Peeps vs Buzzkills

February 11, 2020 9:00

Game Recap:


Our second game saw Perrigo's Peeps and Buzzkills fighting for third place in the standings as each team held a 1-2 record on the season. This would be the first time the teams matchup in CCBHL history. We saw a lot of spares suiting up for this one including Steve Quach in nets for PP, while BEAST MODE Andrew Stephens and Devin McManus were in for BUZZ. The game started off with lots of action including a high amount of shots on each goalie and both Quach and Jeff Squires were up to the task. The first action was a high sticking penalty on Nicky Soucy but PP was unable to capatilize on the opportunity. It took over 16 minutes of action before we saw our first goal, a gorgeous snipe by the rock-solid Elysia Desmier who has been lighting it up with an astonishing 11 points in her last two games. Before the period ended the always-beautiful Jason Perrigo snipes two unassisted markers in 18 seconds to make this a 3-0 PP game with the shots a very close 25-22 PP. 

In the second PP continued the goal scoring with a quick one from speedster Cole Dashnay and two more from Perrigo who finished with a very impressive 5 goals on the night. Annalisa Mazzarello pots her first of the game off a beauty pass from Desmier and it's suddenly 7-0 PP with lots of time on the clock. Shortly thereafter Mazzarello takes a high sticking penalty and BUZZ blueliner Kevin Cook makes them pay with a solid goal to get BUZZ on the board. Captain beautiful was having none of it and sniped his fifth of the game off Desmier's fourth dish. With less than 5 to go steady-Devy pots a beauty off a nice feed from Alex Rogozynski who has been improving steadily over the past few seasons and is starting to look like a new man. With only 36 seconds left Desmier makes this one 9-2 and this is how it will end as the shots were 49-43 PP. They pull ahead in the standings as their record improves to 2-2 and BUZZ falls to 1-3 and sit in second last place.


Season Notes:
Annalisa Mazzarello recorded her 5th assist of the season.
Annalisa Mazzarello recorded her 10th point of the season.
Jason Perrigo scored his 5th goal of the season.
Jason Perrigo recorded his 5th point of the season.
Elysia Desmier recorded her 10th point of the season.

Career Notes:
Kevin Cook recorded his first career CCBHL powerplay goal.
Nicky Soucy recorded her first career CCBHL penalty.
Brian Perrigo recorded his first career CCBHL assist.
Brian Perrigo recorded his first career CCBHL point.
Jason Perrigo scored his first career CCBHL goal.
Jason Perrigo recorded his first career CCBHL game-winning goal.
Cole Dashnay recorded his first career CCBHL penalty.


Team 1 2 Total
Perrigo's Peeps369
Perrigo's Peeps - J. Perrigo (5), E. Desmier (2), C. Dashnay, A. Mazzarello
Buzzkills - K. Cook, Spare

Shots on Goal

Team 1 2 Total
Perrigo's Peeps252449

3 Stars of the Game

  Player Stats
Jason Perrigo 5 Goals 1 Assist GWG
Elysia Desmier 2 Goals 4 Assists
Annalisa Mazzarello 1 Goal 3 Assists PIM

Game Summary

Period Time Team Goal Details Score Note
13:44PPE. Desmier (2) from C. Dashnay (4) and B. Perrigo (1) 1-0 PP 
10:55PPJ. Perrigo (1) (unassisted)2-0 PP 
10:37PPJ. Perrigo (2) (unassisted)3-0 PP GWG
216:34PPC. Dashnay (9) from A. Mazzarello (4) 4-0 PP 
216:21PPJ. Perrigo (3) from E. Desmier (6) and B. Perrigo (2) 5-0 PP 
215:43PPJ. Perrigo (4) from A. Mazzarello (5) and E. Desmier (7) 6-0 PP 
213:56PPA. Mazzarello (4) from E. Desmier (8) 7-0 PP 
29:44BUZZK. Cook (4) (unassisted)7-1 PP PPG
28:32PPJ. Perrigo (5) from E. Desmier (9) 8-1 PP 
24:47BUZZSpare from A. Rogozynski (3) 8-2 PP 
20:36PPE. Desmier (3) from A. Mazzarello (6) and J. Perrigo (2) 9-2 PP 
Period Time Team Penalty Details
115:41BUZZN. Soucy: 2 minutes, high sticking
113:43PPC. Dashnay: 2 minutes, high sticking
210:47PPA. Mazzarello: 2 minutes, high sticking


Perrigo's Peeps Stats
Jason Perrigo5160010
Elysia Desmier2460000
Annalisa Mazzarello1340002
Cole Dashnay1120002
Brian Perrigo0220000
Roxanne Gauthier0000000


Buzzkills Stats
Kevin Cook1011000
Alex Rogozynski0110000
Nevill Carney0000000
Lynn Fournelle0000000
Nicky Soucy0000002
Kiyomi Takahara0000000
Jeff Squires019490.816